Piotr Antonow, colorful life paintings

Most of the painting or drawing I do is in studio environment from life model(s). I rarely get to do more than 7 sittings, but I would love to do like 20. I normally start with a very large brush (2″ wide flat) and I build the structure and the composition; then I come with various lines that may exist in the image, I try to keep them in a color similar to what is in the model, but I exaggerate the color (if the line is reddish, I may put bright red). I pick and choose the areas to be more detailed and the ones to be let lose.

I’m particularly interested in the abnormalities of form and color that exist in the set up. Whenever I notice colors that normally don’t exist in human skin, I’d amplify these. Usually I don’t make things up that don’t exist there, but I exaggerate a lot. So I don’t lie, but I do embellish…
Piotr Antonow
July 18, 2012

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