Phadungsak Khaewpong, people inventing their own world

The artist Phadungsak Khaewpong was born in the Thai province of Chanthaburi and was raised in a natural setting until he came to live in the city, which is where he began looking into the evolution of the human. The human being is a social animal and tends to live in large complex societies. But as the growth of human civilization expands in size and area it affects the ecosystem, moving the planet to closer towards ecological catastrophe. Through his artwork he expresses his thoughts on these issues.

By communicating through the look of traditional painting, with the style of Baroque/Rococo paintings, there is a narrative (in terms of expression) similar to that of a stage play, which is interpreted through the concept of presentation techniques used by people, animals, and objects in the context in which they define the story.

As part of the human livelihood, from birth to death, the artist questions the way in which human behavior adapts to the simulated society in which it exists, people inventing their own world, as it were.
Phadungsak Khaewpong
May 16, 2018

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