Penelope Przekop, figurative expressionism

My creative journey began with writing. I spent the first half of my adult life writing fiction, and then began painting in 2008 after having a powerful urge to do so for several years. Painting brought all the pieces of my story together in a way that changed my life; it emerged as my greatest creative love. My work has now been shown and represented by galleries in New York City, Philadelphia, Cleveland, California, Lousiana, nItaly, and Central America, and has been acquired by the Fondazione Opera Campana Dei Caduti Museum in Rovereto, Italy, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Caserta, Italy. Although these are wonderful accomplishments, I sense that I have only just begun, and am inspired and excited about how my work can continue to evolve.

My work is primarily figurative expressionism using acrylic, ink and pastels. It is highly influenced by fashion photography and a childhood spent immersed in the high-end interior design industry. My mother was a successful designer who owned her own firm. Her work was featured in publications such as Architectural Digest and Southern Living. My work is also influenced by growing up in Louisiana before moving to the Northeast in 1991, and all of the cultural differences between the two.

To better understand some of the underlying themes that influence my art, read my (almost) memoir, Please Love Me.
Penelope Przekop
Nov 19, 2014

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