Paula Saneaux, the fragility of life and social standards

I portray stories, feelings or interpretations of female objectification, female self-objectification, the fragility of life and social standards.

My paintings are mainly created in acrylics and are characterized by gray, dark and/or primary colors because of a melancholy my characters represent.

The subjects that I depict are not necessarily the people I’m describing. I choose the models who make me think about a certain story because of their hair, facial features, body language or, sometimes, their own life.

I’m inspired by beauty, passion, the psyche, human nature, the obscure and life. Also, by artists such as Gustave Klimt, Gustave Courbet, Balthus, Rembrandt, The Prerrafaelites, John Currin and Tamara de Lampicka; the stories of Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carol and Tim Burton; the lives of Coco Chanel, Ann Boleyn, among others; by the Belle Epoque and the Romanticism Movement, too.

My paintings are windows of what I see. They are secrets I’ve heard, seen and hidden.
Paula Saneaux
Aug 19, 2017

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