Parjam Parsi


Art Medium: contemporary semi-abstract figurative painting, drawing

Beyond these walls
Acrylic on Canvas 160 x 140cm

1000 tears falling into purple river
Acrylic on Canvas 200 x 150cm

Acrylic 140cm x 160

Blue Sky
Acrylic on Canvas 200 x 150cm

Nude study with blue

Hymn to Her
Acrylic on Canvas 200 x 150cm

Drawing, male nude
ink on Paper 25 x 20cm

I'm interested in modern poetry and novels. For many years now my paintings are based on that. Most of my inspirations come from history, myth and poetry. I think repeating life experience, learning from them (awareness, tragedy, ...) and living in that cycle is what makes an artist go to studio every day.

From now on I will try to find opportunities that reach in depth for concept and context equal. With that hope in my mind, making a media (language) from main media (painting) in very long process, speaks by it self because I cant find any word to express myself or how I feel when I'm working in my studio.

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