Oceana Rain Stuart, bronze sculpture, graceful human form

I’m an American contemporary, figurative, sculpture artist. My emphasis is on bronze sculpture. I’m also a painter and poet. My Atelier is in Sausalito, in the San Francisco bay area. I exhibit my art internationally.

Through my art, my passion is to bring to life an emotional vibrance and profound meaning, through the power of the human form.

My statues are collected by art appreciators internationally and are regarded as museum quality sculpture art.

I find I express myself the best and am most understood through my art. My desire is to share the particular qualities that provoked my feeling of anticipation during the molding process. Each of my pieces reflect my inspiration and curiosity from the beginning stages and through to the finished bronze and patina. I search for a deeper reality combining the mysterious to a world of subtleties that express beauty, through vulnerability, strength and love.

I have been an artist my entire life and am constantly humbled by the beauty and grace of the human form. I am fascinated by how each face shares a unique lifetime of stories, to me this is true beauty.
Oceana Rain Stuart
May 10, 2017

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