Nuno Evaristo, bold approach to contemporary figure painting

I began experimenting with Abstract art age: 18, and to this day, I am an untrained artist. I moved to London, England in the early 90’s to pursue my interests in art, music and poetry. I’m actively exhibiting in the London area, as well as internationally.

Much of the content of my work comes from everyday life experiences, put through a very personal filter: – A journey into myself where chaos becomes order, then chaos again. It’s an integral part of my style to incorporate any kind of techniques & materials into my work.

Art for me is the highest form of expression; life is not only about creation, but destruction too, about bridges burnt as well as built. “Welcome to the world of Nuno Evaristo: maybe it’s your world too”.
Nuno Evaristo
Aug 19, 2011

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