Nuala Creed, figurative ceramics with socio-political issues

The series “Babes in Arms” reflects my concern for the values we are passing on to the children of the world. My babies are sweet and precious as all babies are, but they carry with them lethal weapons that may well be their future. They need the protection of gas masks and hard hats for their survival in the toxic world of war they face.

Babies adorned with weapons and gas masks juxtaposed with religious symbols are intended to be provocative. Some of the weapons the babies are burdened with are ridiculously over-sized, reflecting the world’s increasing arsenal of weapons. The rationale for the escalation in weaponry is that they keep us safe, a deadly paradox.

Butterfly Baby with Chimp (32″ tall)
With this work I want to engage the viewer in a gentle way with my figures. The frogs, bugs, butterflies and birds that create the hair of the children are symbols for their thoughts. Children need the abundance of nature, as we all do. Nurturing young children’s initiate curiosity for the natural world so they become steward’s of the earth will help save our planet for them.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

I love making unique figures in clay, and I am especially fortunate to have landed a commission where I’ve recently completed over 100 ceramic figures, with each piece being a little over half-life-size. See more

Much of my work addresses socio-political issues.
Nuala Creed
May 21, 2014

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