Mark Yale Harris, abstract figurative sculpture

I was born in Buffalo, New York and spent hours as a child enthralled in my own artistic world- drawing, painting, doodling. I was honored with awards and scholarships for my art, but was encouraged to pursue a more conventional career, so I received a B.S.S. in 1961 from Ohio State University, and embarked upon a long and successful career in real estate and hotel development. Never abandoning my first love, I sold my company in 1996 to fulfill my dream of creating art full-time.

Although I had over a half-century of life experience, I was a novice at my craft, so I turned to an artist whose work I had collected and admired for years, Bill Prokopiof (Aleut, 1944-1999). In the spirit the nation’s most recognized Native American artist and mentor, sculptor Allan Houser (Chiricahua Apache, 1915-1994), Prokopiof and sculptor Doug Hyde (Nez Perce), took me under their wings, generously sharing with me immense knowledge, talent, and artistic skill. Santa Fe had been home to Houser, Prokopiof, and Hyde, and I made it mine as well in the late 1990’s, splitting my time between Santa Fe and Austin, Texas.

The artistic passion that had existed just beneath the surface of my long-established business persona was finally able to present itself in tangible form. I used the invaluable experience of their mentorship, along with my own vision, to create an evolving body of work in alabaster, marble, limestone, and bronze, often combining different elements to bring forth a duality in the sculpture that I make.

I am proud to share successful relationships with over eighteen galleries nationwide. Furthermore, my work has been included in several prestigious museum exhibitions as well as dozens of private and public collections internationally.

I continually look forward to exploring the possibilities that come with developing my craft, creating challenging pieces, forming new ideas, and extending my pursuit of expression through sculpture.
Mark Yale Harris
Nov 18, 2011

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