Marion Evamy, paintings in vivid colors

All my life, I have been fascinated by the energy and joy of colour. It see safe neutrals like gray or beige. I’m hugely passionate about my work and have been painting seriously since 1999. I have been told I am prolific, I paint very quickly and there are always new ideas to be discovered and created.

I had been artistic on and off most of my early life, but didn’t have any formal training until I went to art college for a year in 1983. Then life took over with the necessity of finding a real job. I began taking art courses and workshops in the mid 90s and finally took the step of promising myself the life of an artist when I hit 40. My mid-life artist crisis, became the real job I had always wanted. I love the quote by Pablo Picasso “the meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.”

My approach has always been to experiment, and challenge myself, with an attitude of no fear towards any type of painting style. I am the first to admit that I love to bounce around with subject matter and method, however, my constant is my fascination with colour and a distinctive palette. I feel lucky that I have always found folks who love each different road I take, which really is the icing on the cake.

In my multifaceted scope of art, I try to produce beautiful paintings that are distinctive, mysterious and seductive. An instructor once told me, the secret is to know the importance of what not to paint, and to know the value of the unexpected element in creative endeavor. I hope viewing my work is a rewarding experience. The critics say “Marion Evamy certainly has the knack. Her paintings may be abstract or figurative, broadly brushed or layered with collage, but each demonstrates a confident draftsmanship and a natural sense of composition. Her colour talent is outstanding.” Collectors have said “owning a me! original is an on-going joy.”

– ME!

About Me! ME are Marion Evamy’s initials, it’s how she signs all her paintings. As Marion puts it: The exclamation mark after the initials is based on the adage live your life as an exclamation not an explanation!

Marion Evamy
Feb 19, 2014

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