Margaret Malewski, longing for figurative art in St. Louis

I am a mid-career professional who would like to pursue figurative sculpture as a new career path. I have gone through dozens of university programs in the US and nobody teaches figurative drawing or sculpture anymore!

Your site is a breath of fresh air and a great resource.

Thank you!
Margaret Malewski
Co-Founder: Liquivision Products, Inc. High performance dive computers
Author: Genxpat: The Young Professional’s Guide to Making A Successful Life Abroad

I just realized you are based in Gibsons, BC… I have been in Vancouver for 10 years – and been close to great schools like the Gage Academy of Art . Now I am moving to St-Louis, MO, where there is no figurative art whatsoever. Sigh.

Here is a self-portrait I did years ago, as part of my Architecture studies.

Have you considered adding the Florence Academy of Art to your listing of educational resources?

I came across it in my research.


Margaret Malewski
Sept 17, 2014

Paula writes – Thanks Margaret, I’ve added that fine school now, thanks for the info. OMG, wouldn’t we all LOVE to spend 4 months there!!!!! Good luck in St. Louis!

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