Mandy Palmer, drawing with emotion and movement

I draw. I paint. I scribble. I search for the tiny details. I am often inspired by my own experiences in life as a daughter, sister, wife, friend and mother.

To me it’s all about just doing the art. The more I do, the more I am learning. Both about myself, and about what I can do with a pencil or brush and paint. Over the years I have painted and drawn a number of different subjects including landscapes, and still lifes, but always find myself returning to drawing and painting people. I have recently returned to my first love of drawing with pencils. To capture the emotion and movement in the human form is something that I find incredibly rewarding. I have enjoyed exploring a number of different mediums over the years including pencil, charcoal (White and black) acrylic paint, pastels and acrylic inks. I am truly enjoying the way that my work is evolving as I experiment with each new medium.

When working with white charcoal on black paper I add many layers of white to build up the light areas, then layer in over top graphite and black charcoal which helps create depth of shadows and definition. I use a similar technique when painting as well.
Mandy Palmer
Nov 9, 2016

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