Lucia Horakova, wet paintings straight off the easel

La ultima noche

These pieces complete my first collection GOLDEN AGE, inspired by composition of Woodkid.

Calcite Wall

Two paintings from collection GOLDEN AGE – “La ultima noche” and “Calcite wall” enclose this collection.
They tell about child’s naturalness, enjoyment, freedom, taking in one moment simple step, that will make them happy. These simple things die away when child is growing and in one day they’re gone.

This collection of portraits is called I SAID:


I said forever
I said I’m princess
I said any mushrooms
I said no yes or maybe
I said I’m a lucky boy
I said I heard sounds of drums
I said I want to see it
I didn’t said that I’m wolf’s youngster

I said I heard sounds of drums
I said I’m lucky boy
I SAID What is wrong with you?
I said forever
I said no yes or maybe

Each painting represents a sentence that is possible to hear in everyday life. Everyone can relate to some of them. These sentences are only fractions which were in past creating one unit.

Lucia Horakova, Slovakia
Mar 10, 2010

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