Linda Friedman Schmidt in the Every Woman Biennial

Linda Friedman Schmidt – I am very excited to be included in the Every Woman Biennial, an extraordinary All Women Art Biennial and Film Festival founded and curated by artist Christine Finley.

She has created an opportunity for self-identifying women artists to cross-pollinate with each other across a wide variety of mediums, generations, racial and ethnic backgrounds. It is an honor to exhibit together with such well known names as Mickalene Thomas, Marilyn Minter, Swoon, Deborah Kass, Jayne County, and more.
Linda Friedman Schmidt

Opening Reception: May 19th1-4pm
La MaMa Galleria 47 Great Jones
4:15-7pm @ 222 Bowery
NYC SHOWS RUN May 19-29th 1-7pm

Opening Reception:June 2nd: 4-7pm
Bendix Building 1206 Maple Ave
LA SHOW RUN June 3-12th 1-7pm

The EVERY WOMAN BIENNIAL is the all woman and women-identified art biennial founded and curated by C. Finley. What began as the Whitney Houston Biennial, a wild one-night event of art and performance celebrating women in 2014, and expanded to a two-week exhibition in 2017 in the awakening of the #MeToo movement, will present its third iteration, titled Every Woman Biennial, from May 19 – May 29 in NY, and a sister biennial featuring LA-based artists June 2 – 12 in LA.

The Biennial has grown in scope to include over 600 artists in its two unique presentations in NY and LA, featuring expanded art exhibitions, a NY film festival, and events including I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY Flash Mob in NY, and performances of Girl Bands in LA. Timing with The Whitney Museum’s Biennial, the aim is to extend the celebration of art and create even more positive opportunities for emerging women artists. The Biennial engages artists, through a democratic open call, to cross-pollinate with each other from a variety of mediums, generations, and racial and ethnic backgrounds. The salon-style exhibition features painting, photography, installation, sculpture, video art, textile, and multimedia works, activated by performance, dance, music, poetry readings, theater and film.
Linda Friedman Schmidt
May 8, 2019

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