Les Satinover

Austin, TX, USA

Website: les-satinover.squarespace.com
Art Medium: painting
Technique: Traditional oil painting achieved with luminous glazing effects

Vigil for Idolum
oil on canvas 2015
48" x 108" (triptych)

The Bathers
oil on canvas 2014
60" x 96" (diptych)

Still Life at Hurricane Point, CA
oil on canvas 2015
36" x 144" (polyptych)

Oil on canvas 2014
48" X 180" (triptych)

oil on panel 2015
20" x 14"

oil on panel 2015
32" x12"

Self Portrait
oil on canvas 2015
48" x 60"

Portrait of J.D.
oil on canvas 2015
60" x 48"

A Realist Figurative Artist, with an emphasis on primarily the idealized physicality of male identity, expressing tactile sensuousness of figures positioned in luminous, atmospheric space. I seek to celebrate the sometimes frank but not transgressive disposition of light on form and flesh. I have been strongly inspired by broad spectrum of artistic influences - Paul Cadmus, Lucien Freud, Jared French, Jan Vermeer, George Tooker, Eric Fischl, Caravaggio, Botticelli and Piero Della Francesca to name a few.

I live and work in North Scottsdale, Arizona, where the natural desert terrain presents deep, sweeping views into the infinite recesses coupled with unparalleled light - which all filters into my work.

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