Laura den Hertog, the quiet heroes

Iā€™m on a mission to reveal the quiet hero that lives beneath the surface of every woman.

Art that is more than a pretty face.

I think the quiet heroes that I paint deserve something beyond the same old frame, so I search high and low to find unusual, funky and visually evocative ways to surround the artwork with something that harmonizes and enhances the subject.

My life is a weird combination of cultures. I was born Dutch but grew up in Montreal with its mixture of both French and English heritages. I have a swirl of influences in my work; add in childhood trips to see the art museums of Holland, et voila! Me. Traditional painting techniques coupled with a modern sensibility.

I have known so many amazing women, past and present, they inspire my work daily.
Laura den Hertog
Mar 26, 2016

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