Julia Hanzl, ceramic artist in Vienna

Julia Hanzl was born in Vienna in 1982. She currently works as a ceramic artist in her Medling studio outside Vienna. The main topics of her work involve head sculptures with bizarre and powerful facial expressions.

Since early childhood, Julia has been involved with her parent’s art trade and developed her appreciation for art at a young age. The number of great artists in her family helped to nurture Julia’s love for art and allowed her to formulate her own and very unique artistic ability. Her father, Stefan Hanzl, who became famous through his exceptional metal figures made of metallic articles of daily use and metallic remains, played an influential role in her creative sculpturing.

Julia began with a self-taught love for modeling ceramic heads and broadened her skills by studying at the Viennese University of Applied Arts. She enlarged her artistic horizon through the study of art history at the University of Vienna. Her work is characterized by symbolic ideas and her head sculptures are marked through powerful facial expressions.

Besides her grotesque sculptures, she also specializes in portraying realistic human figures. Julia progressively gains appreciation and respect in the art market. Her sculptures are exhibited in numerous renowned galleries. She continues to search for creative and exciting ideas to help further develop her future creations.
Julia Hanzl
Dec 4, 2012

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