Judy Volkmann, big, bold & brushy faces

Faces of Humanity
My artwork depicts humanity, and how physical, emotional and societal influences shape us into who we are. The figures and portraits represented are often in states of being reflective, engaged, celebratory, or confrontational. In my process of painting the figures, my aim is to capture movement, and the physical characteristics and psychological aspects of being human. A sense of place and time are purposely void; creating an atmosphere expressive of the internal and external world of being. I want the spirit and energy of life in the work to impact the viewer toward an experience, and raise awareness to a condition or moment.

Avian Women

Avian Women is a new series of expressive paintings depicting the strength, power and beauty of women and their emotional and physical connection to the natural world. In my process of painting these avian women the realms of fantasy and realism merge with emphasis on emotive properties toward awakening the viewer.


These expressive mixed media wall relief sculptures are constructed with discarded cardboard packaging, wire, ink and acrylic paint; inspired by the unfolded shapes of packaging and print designs. Pieces are mounted to a hidden foam-board support and wired for hanging on the wall. Sculptures are sealed with a protective acrylic gloss coating for aesthetic purposes and long-lasting durability.
Judy Volkmann
Feb 11, 2017

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