Jonas Kunickas


Art Medium: contemporary semi-abstract figurative painting, portraits
Technique: Palette knife oil painting
tapytojas, dailininkas, aktas, tapyba, menas
The main inspiration for my work is a human body – I believe the most perfect peace of art God has ever created. My works are mostly about admiring natural beauty and expressing it my way. All my figurative paintings are made using a palette knife. I play with two independent levels – structure and totality – in my paintings. I use colourful paint structures (close observation of the painting) as a tool to express the perfection of the Creator‘s work (observation of the whole painting from a further distance). I love the way abstract schemes of paint turns into a naturalistic figures of the bodies. There can‘t be two identical paint strokes in the whole universe, as there can‘t be two identical ways of seeing the same object.

My figurative paintings are like windows for those who want to learn the way I see. My paint strokes are welcoming you to join the journey I am in to discover a beauty of a human body! In a process of creating a new art-piece a big part of the final result depends on a person posing for it. I am very thankful to the models for helping me to achieve my goals. It is vital for an artist working on a figurative painting to find a suitable model to work together as a team.

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