Jesse Lane, hyper-realism with colored pencil drawing


In my art, I turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. I use colored pencil to express private, universal emotions.

My work captures intimate moments and gives glimpses of an inner private world, providing a window to our own introspective thoughts and our own mystery.

My drawings capture emotions and stories wrapped into a single instant.

These stories are open-ended. I want the viewer to create the narrative, to feel the power and vulnerability of that unique moment in time.

My aim is to ignite the imagination and touch the viewer’s soul.

I call my body of work “Anatomy of Light.” My figures emerge into light and disappear into darkness? both literally and figuratively. Black backgrounds isolate the figures and put them in their own world, the world of their thoughts. Nothing is there except what they’re feeling.

At best, I hope my work continues to be both contemporary and timeless. If there is a theme, it is personal struggle. This struggle is universal, but also unique to each of us.
Jesse Lane

Figurative fine art, hyper-realism with colored pencil drawing.
April 29, 2017

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