Jeff Hall
Lovettsville, VA, USA


Art Medium: figurative sculpture
Technique: The original is sculpted in water or oil clay then a rubber or plaster mold is made then the piece is cast in bronze ceramic Lucite or bonded marble.

With the ceramic brick figures, I sculpt the original pose in clay, I then make a plaster mold from it. The mold is a negative and may be from 1 to 8 pieces. Then slabs of textured clay are layered into the mold, and pressed into all of the details. The positioning of these layers vary, which makes each piece unique. After pulling the mold off, all of the seams are cleaned. It isn’t until this stage that I can see if the piece is successful or not.

Each torso is hand built so that the fragmentation on each torso is one of a kind, it is then fired in a wood-burning kiln so that the finish is exclusive to that piece.

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