Jeanette Jarville, colorful abstract paintings on clear acrylic

Art has a purpose and need, not only materially – to fill a space on a wall or table, but to fill a need in our consciousness. For me creating art fills the demand I place on myself to achieve and accomplish the most of my life, my reason for being. Creating art in my own unique style enables people to examine my selective view(s) of reality at that moment. Through a visual vocabulary of bold lines, colour and dramatic composition, I create my vision for others to see.

I strive to be fluid, with organic movement and positive energy, continually moving and evolving in new directions with greater awareness of thought and freedom in choices. Enjoying the process and accepting the outcome.

I paint contemporary stylized work on canvas and on clear acrylic panels. The latter is a unique reverse painting process where you begin with your signature (signed backwards), highlights and other images viewed in the forefront and you work backwards. Once a brushstroke is put down it cannot be painted over. The final result is viewed from the opposite side the paint in on. Painting on acrylic panels creates a beautiful luminosity within the work; it intensifies the colors and creates a vivid look to the art.
Jeanette Jarville
Nov 26, 2016

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