Janice Wahnich, bold portraits paintings & linocuts

Having studied Fine Art & Ceramics at Kingston University, I am now a London based artist, my work is mainly figurative, as I have always had a strong fascination & interest in the study of people, and for many years I have focused on exploring the challenges of portrait painting & drawing.

I work both directly from life, and from photographs, my subjects are selected for their strong features, and personalities, which invariably shine through.

I work in various mediums, across several disciplines, from oil paint to print making, on paper, canvas, glass & board, together with ceramics. More recently adding lino cuts, screen printing & etching, to my skills base.

I have been influenced by a diverse group of artists, and have derived my inspiration from Max Pechstein, Milton Avery,Susanne Valadon, Emil Nolde, Avigdor Avikha, Alice Neel, Edouard Vuillard, Leonard Baskin & Erich Heckel.

I am currently working towards an exhibition of my work, to be shown at The Ice House Gallery, Holland Park, London. in May/June 2016
Janice Wahnich
Oct 17, 2015

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