Ivan Pazlamatchev, art rooted in the figurative tradition

Ivan Pazlamatchev is a Bulgarian-American painter rooted in figurative tradition. His paintings delve into allegorical narratives and compositional tensions, with contemporary interpretation backed by classical training received at the prestigious School for Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. With over 30 years of experience working as a fine artist, Ivan has exhibited in galleries and museums in Europe and throughout the East coast of United States. Notably, in 2008, Pazlamatchev’s paintings were included in the Societe Nationale Des Beaux-Arts Salon at Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

In 2018 he had a comprehensive retrospective exhibit at the Art Gallery Georges Papazov in Bulgaria. In 1997, his solo exhibition at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia represented the Painting portion in the Salon of the Arts ‘97. His work was selected in the Crocker-Kingsley National Competition 2021.

He has received awards, grants, and invitations, including to the Art Fusion Festival in Berlin, Germany, and has work residing in public and private collections, including the S. C. Rockefeller, Jr. collection.
Ivan Pazlamatchev
Feb 18, 2021

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