Henri Lamy, figurative drip paintings

Henri Lamy is a french figurative painter, born December 1985 10th. Being used to paint, thanks to his father, when he was a kid, Henri admires Pollock drip painting technique (that consists in dripping paint from the palette knife he uses, straight to the canvas, or even throwing it).

Seduced by acrylic painting, the quality of his work is enhanced by the sharp and expressive colours of his compositions, abstract when you are close, getting figurative when you go further.

He focuses on faces, because he feels the whole expression of people can be read on their face. He also travels, to study different populations and cultures (sometimes in art residencies, sometimes totally immersed), and give them a kind of insight from his trip (Russia, Japan, China, Philippines)

He became part of the 59 Rivoli (old art squat, that now belongs to the city of Paris, gathering more than 30 artists), and currently exhibits in Beijing (in collaboration with Coral Contemporary Art), Co-Existence, and Fei Gallery.

Henri’s artworks can be found in Lyon, Paris, Beijing and Manila.
Paris: BJ Art Gallery
Lyon: Gallery 22
Aix en Provence: Hotel de Gallifet
Beijing: On Gallery
Manila: Alliance Française
Henri Lamy
Nov 13, 2012

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