Graeme Balchin, the artist’s journey & craft of painting

I have been diagnosed with cancer myself and the first thing you learn is loving your family is the top priority of life and the balance between time and quality is something you can help with. So take as long
as you need.

My top priority is family and painting. I told my oncologist, my bucket list is to have another major exhibition and you would not believe it but the regional gallery here asked me to have a solo in the main
galleries in early 2018 so I will be devoting all my time to that pursuit over the next 14 months or so.

I saw your exhibition on youtube, many good paintings there, you must be pleased. You may have noticed on FB I have just had an exhibition and it went very well with half sold. So it has given me a lot of encouragement to keep painting.

Graeme Balchin passed away in 2018.

Graeme Balchin
Dec 11, 2019

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