Gianluca Pisano, dramatic skin, luscious nudes

My paintings are mainly focused on the human figure and also on a re-interpretation of the landscape theme. I have always been deeply fascinated by the large dark surfaces of the Baroque paintings found on the walls of Italian churches. One can lose any sense of shape and colour when looking at those pictures from an angle. What is left to see is only the smooth shiny and flat surface of the painted canvas. This is a fundamental aspect of my paintings and I often try to recreate that feeling when I am at work.

Traditional Painting gives me the opportunity to test my skills with themes that are so often explored and yet always ready to be re-explored in an original and completely new way.

Coming from an Italian background I could not help being connected with the so many classical masterpieces that fill every corner of Italy, therefore in developing my technical skills I am always aware of this aspect. I prepare my paintings in a fairly traditional way, I’m always very conscious of the process of “the art of painting”.

To engage the viewer’s eye I paint emotionally charged, melodramatic images, and in order to do so I make extensive use of dark tenebrism (derived from the Latin tenebrae, meaning darkness).

Shapes emerge from a deep black background, ‘Light’ gives way to ‘Shadow’, the end of Knowledge, the place where mystery irresistibly excites the mind with the suggestion of the unknown.

Through recognizable and naturalistic form these oil paintings with their inner quality of transparency and depth, point to something hidden, beyond the superficial appearance.

I want my paintings to make powerful visuals statements; creations filled with a presence that a spectator cannot ignore.

Paintings are abstract and real as thoughts are.

Gianluca Pisano
Dec 13, 2014

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