Franck de Las Mercedes, advice on dealing with criticism

Words of advice from Franck de Las Mercedes:

A fellow artist writes to ask how I deal with family criticism, indifference or disapproval of my art or life as an artist. Hm, okay…. I don’t know that my advice is the right one, but this is my approach, it has worked for me:DROP’EM FROM THE LABEL AND NEVER, EVER, EVER, LOOK BACK! It’s okay that some family members don’t approve, support you etc. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you, but in some cases they go as far as throwing what I call “emotional grenades” in your creative path. It’s something to do without.

Accept that you are the prodigal son/daughter, the art-sheep of the family and that they’ll never get it. Love them, but detach with love if you’re feeling hurt or unappreciated.

Two things I value most are my time and my mood. I no longer give away my valuable time to someone who can potentially affect my mood negatively, while wasting my time. Again, maybe I’m wired differently, but some times he who is not with you is really against you. I rather spend my time making art than trying to get someone to approve of me or see my side of things.

I repeat it doesn’t mean they don’t love you, but love is supportive, nurturing and gives you wings to fly even if it means you leaving the nest. Dive into your art, if the situation it is too painful, get away and put that into the work. Can you imagine what would become of you if you were not an artist and still had this family? Your creativity is a gift, a success. You must protect it! It will protect and heal you.

I also believe that the universe does not gives us more sometimes because we’re not willing to let go of things/relationships that are actually just clogging that positive universal flow. If a relationship is not going well, it’s time to drop it, let go and don’t look back. Wonderful things will start to happen, you’ll feel freer.You’ll also open up the path for this person to maybe move forward. The only thing I recycle is bottles, papers, plastics and as you know cardboard boxes. So to answer your question, RUN!
Franck de Las Mercedes
Nov 19, 2013

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