Exciting ceramics & paper dresses at Bellevue Art Museum

Last February, we jumped in the car and trekked down to Seattle to see the very rich exhibition of Isabelle de Borchgrave at Bellevue Art Museum. What a treat!! No photos allowed so these two come from Isabelle’s site. The show focused on her collection of paper dresses and environments inspired by Mariano Fortuny.

I had no idea that at the same time, some wonderful ceramics and glass would be on view, including works by our own figurative artist members. This below by figurative sculptor Karen LaMonte, cast glass, life size kimono form on a body. Quite glorious!

What renowned ceramics show would be complete without an irrepressible Robert Arneson, like this below?

Anne Drew Potter’s naughty little girls sat on plinths with cheeky crowns and cherubic curves.

Akio Takamori’s large hand built ceramic sculpture was embellished with underglazes in luscious colors.

Claudette Schreuder’s large sculpted woman impressed with her simple gaze and subtle surface.

I couldn’t resist sharing this sumptuous Betty Woodman vessel. What gorgeous glaze! Makes me want to get back into the ceramic studio…

More Betty Woodman. The entire show was a real ceramics highlight, large, impressive and very inviting works. Now if I just had some more shelf space, I could bring some home…

Aug 6, 2014

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