Eric Zener – Sizzling summer visions!

Eric Zener has been painting for a living for over 25 years. He is best known for his paintings with water as a primary element.

Water has been the source of a variety of narratives that appeal to many people: spiritual and physical renewal, cleansing one’s soul, taking the plunge and nostalgic memories of play and fun from childhood. Mr. Zener has always been intrigued by our relationship with nature – from its transformative qualities to produce so much joy in us to its equally transformative quality of fear and danger.

He enjoys exploring this relationship with nature not only through his water paintings, but also through what he categorizes as “Journeys” as well as “Land”. Another popular theme of Zener’s paintings are the businessmen on tightropes who embody a tension that many of us feel and can relate to immediately. As many question whether the subject is falling or hanging on, Zener likes to respond, “The only way not to fall is to keep on moving…”
Eric Zener
Underwater figurative paintings
June 24, 2015

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