Dwijen Gupta, Abstraction of Poetical tunes

Dwijen Gupta, painter from Kolkata, India, has been painting for over 25 years and has to his credit several solo shows as well as group shows in India and abroad. Dwijen Gupta completed graduation from Govt College of Art & Craft, Kolkata, and has been in the field of fine art for over 25 years and specialized in large water colours and Acrylic on Tussar ( tasaar – special silk) cloth, Paper and Canvas and Mix Media. Awarded as the Best Watercolour Artist, he had accolades and honours.

Unification of woman with nature is the basic trait of Dwijen’s world-outlook. Through his deft artistry, Artist Dwijen Gupta forces the viewer to deliberate on his female-centric compositions. The strong Indian feel is inflected through an active interplay of facial features as well as postures and gestures enhancing the mood of his frames. What attracts one’s attention is the simplicity of his women.

Not surprisingly his women seem to be cast in a timeless capsule where her position seems defined either as a mendicant, singer, musician or a devotee far removed from this world, introspecting on the act at hand, singing or making music. The figurative compositions elaborated in water colour and mixed media; express the unheeded, unspoken and unsung, as viewed by critics. His latest collection of artworks is titled Abstraction of Poetical Tunes.
Guest post by Dwijen Gupta
Dec 9, 2015

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