Darryl Freeman, capturing a beautiful moment

My paintings begin with a model in a pose that I set up. I get the lighting just right, do a black and white oil painting/drawing, let that dry, then paint on the color. I like to have the feet and legs pointing toward me with the head at the opposite end to create the effect of large legs and small head.

It’s immensely satisfying to me to capture a beautiful moment in time on my canvas. Often it is outdoors where I am most inspired. I don’t try to preserve every detail. I work quickly, applying thick, colorful paint with broad strokes of the palette knife, letting my imagination fill in the blanks. Sometimes, it’s just a fleeting moment of light that I preserve. At will, I can enjoy that moment again; I can share what I have seen with others. My paintings express gratitude for moments that have lifted my spirits and pleased my senses. They serve as a history of my experience, reminding me of things I have seen, and how I see things.

Painting is a way for me to create something beautiful and make a positive contribution to the world.
Darryl Freeman
Dec 1, 2016

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