Consuelo Hernández, considered important contemporary Spanish artist

CONSUELO HERNNDEZ is Spanish figurative painter, in the current of realism, considered among the most important contemporary Spanish artists.

Born in Tornavacas (Cceres) within a family of artists, at the age of seven, her passion for drawing objects and people around them had begun. She traveled with her family from her hometown to Madrid, to the Museum of the Prado, known to live the great Spanish masters: Velzquez, Goya, Murillo, El Greco, visits that convinced her she wanted “to be a painter”.

Says the painter: “The cyclical sunset in a park; paradise dreamed of a cherry blossom fields; the mass of anonymous people who populate the subway platforms of a big city accustomed to solitude each day; an attentive and calm look to the endless sea, boundless; some simple flowers; some buildings showing its walls the passage of time … beings and objects all of the little world in which I live and recreated on the canvas come to set that other universe itself, designed in my own way, capable of expressing an alleged encounter between reality And the dream.
Consuelo Hernandez
Nov 30, 2019

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