Charlie Mostow, figurative sculpture student

I’d like to know what you think:
What’s the purpose of being a figurative sculptor and what you do to achieve it?

Is sculpture spacial, pictorial, or some combination of both?

I’m a 4th year core student at the Grand Central Atelier in New York and I am a sculptor. I have spent every morning for the past year modeling the figure in water clay from life. In the afternoon the sculpture hall dissipates, the students and the model leave, and I am left alone. I am now determining how to spend my afternoons over the next year.

My goal is to continue to grow in understanding the sculptural tradition. What’s the truth in the experience – of creating a sculpture and also of viewing a sculpture?

I mostly study the human form from a live model. I sculpt 1/2 life size figures by taking direct measurements. I’ve recently started to turn my back to the model for portions of the day, especially in the middle stage of my work when the gesture is set and the proportion is established and I have to clarify the boundaries of the forms.

I’ve copied all sorts of casts; portraits by Michelangelo, small Greek figure reproductions, French écorchés.

I also copy master drawings. I learn from their sense of organization and design. I like to redraw to the poses I’ve sculpted from my head. I give less attention to capturing the character of the model than to playing around with the limits of the gesture.

Other than modeling from life, what do you do as a figure sculptor? Do you draw the model? From life or from imagination? With what goal in mind? Do you sculpt from memory?

Who’s your favorite sculptor and why? What is sculpture for?

Thank you for your interest. PEACE to all.
(Photos by Meron Menghistab Photography)
Charlie Mostow, sculpture student
Sept 5, 2015

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