Chantal Littleton, painting our guardian angels

Chantal works in oils, as well as acrylics, both on canvas as well as tar board and, most recently, plaster board. Her art is characterized by vibrant colors and contrasting shapes, always endowed with a passion for the life she loves.

Most recently, she has enjoyed a delightful success with her Angel series, painted in acrylic on Tar paper-board. As she says “growing up Catholic, Angels have always been part of my Spiritual life.” Those who have bought these paintings tell her that her Angels affect them in many different ways: some as guardians, others bringing peace, some healing, but all reflective of that individual grace they share with their owner and artist-creator.

Chantal has exhibited her art work in various group exhibitions, locally at Le Moyne Museum, The F.SU. College of Medicine, the North Florida Fair and the Tallahassee Senior Center Artist Showcase. She is on permanent exhibition in the offices of the Heckman Law Group in Tallahassee, as well as private residences throughout the Southeast United States and France.
Chantal Littleton
May 6, 2015

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