Figurative art textiles, fabric portraits, textile art figurative art quilts

Ian Ingram

Ian Ingram Austin, TX, USA Website: ianingram.com Art Medium: drawing, Mixed Media, fine art Textiles Technique: charcoal, pastel, embroidery on paper, drawing; Mixed Media; Textiles

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Maria Saracino

Maria Saracino Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Website: saracinocollection.com Instagram: mariasaracinoca Art Medium: fine art character dolls, polymer clay sculpture, textiles, resin Canadian born, Maria Saracino began her career as a commercial artist. She discovered polymer clay in the mid 1990s and has sculpted her way into an awarding winning career in figurative sculpture. Her style is

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Susan Shie

Susan Shie Wooster, OH USA Website: turtlemoon.com Art Medium: painting, quilting, fine art textiles Technique: Painter, often quilting my paintings, Whole cloth painting with brush, airbrush, airpen. Mostly machine sewn

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Sue Stone

Sue Stone N E Lincolnshire, UK Website: womanwithafish.wordpress.com Art Medium: figurative art textiles, embroidery, mixed media Technique: hand and machine stitch with acrylic and fabric paint

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Silja Puranen

Silja Puranen Finland Website: siljapuranen.com Art Medium: contemporary art textiles, mixed media Technique: digitally manipulated photograph / heat transfer, painting, stitching etc

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