painting A-L

Figurative painting artists by last name A-L

Steven Hudson

Steven Hudson USA Website: Instagram: stevenhudsonartist Art Medium: painting, drawing Things are becoming different now; the climate is changing. More genies are being let out of more and more plastic bottles. Evolution is unfolding in shocking ways as life is made to adapt to our aggressive agency. This process is often reflected in unsettling …

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Chantal Handley

Chantal Handley . Website: Art Medium: portraits, painting Technique: Pastel artist  

Bernard Fischer

Bernard Fischer Maryland, USA . Website: Art Medium: painting  

Brenda Hash

Brenda Hash, PSA Houston, TX, USA Website: Art Medium: portraits, painting I like to refer to my technique as contemporary realism, and I work in two different mediums: soft pastel and oil. While my use of these mediums is in keeping with traditional methods, I have been experimenting with  different surfaces. In my pastel …

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Camille Barnes

Camille Barnes USA Website: Facebook: ArtistCamilleBarnes Instagram: camillebarnesstudio Twitter: CamillesStudio Youtube: Camille Barnes – Contemporary Artist Art Medium: portraits, painting, mixed media Artist Camille Barnes studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts and attended many workshops. As a realist her paintings capture the essence of the subject matter, using color, light, and …

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Alicia Campos Massó

Alicia Campos Massó USA Website: Facebook: @aliciacamposmasso2021 Art Medium: painting Artist Statement “What is the essence of Art for you? For me, it is telling a story without words. My paintings will tell ‘you’ stories using symbolic sceneries. The vision of women and children going through different life experiences and stages through symbols tells …

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Aaron Morgan Brown

Aaron Morgan Brown USA . Website: Art Medium: painting  

Edward Huner

Edward Huner Nova Scotia, Canada . Website: Art Medium: painting Technique: I like to think I paint ideas. And I like to think that I am really painting the spaces between shapes rather than the objects themselves. My creative interests lie where the pictorial narrative takes precedent over uniformity of scale, proportion, lighting and …

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