Carole A Feuerman, thankful for a strong passion

I am thankful for a strong passion.

Time to Reflect

I am especially grateful for this pause to be able to reflect on what’s important to me, to ask myself whether all aspects of my life are purposefully aligned, or whether some areas need grooming. Sometimes we get so caught up with our day-to-day obligations and we don’t take time to sit back and listen to what our inner voice might be telling us. I am thankful to be able to have quiet mornings to hang out with my heart and contemplate the answers to these questions that oftentimes become so difficult to hear amidst the noise.

Our Own Strength

During this time, I am grateful for my own resilience. I have learned that emotions are normal, as sometimes I feel sad and sometimes, I feel very at peace. I meditate every day, and I do my virtual exercises on YouTube. I have gotten closer to some friends, and I have also reached out to some of them when I feel low. Noticing the things for which to be grateful has gotten me to a space of acceptance and understanding.
Carole A Feuerman
May 2, 2020

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