Camille Barnes, portrait painter New Orleans

Artist Camille Barnes studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts and attended many workshops. As a realist her paintings capture the essence of the subject matter, using color, light, and attention to details to make her subjects come alive. Much of her life has been a career of being a freelance artist, and an illustrator. Throughout her career, she has illustrated over 15 books. The State Library of Louisiana chose her illustrated book, Goodnight Acadiana, as the sole book to represent the state of Louisiana for the National Book Festival, held by the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

Her main focus in recent years has been specializing in fine art portrait and figurative painting and decorative art. She has won state and national competitions.

She has painted for the Louisiana Department of Military, Governor Jindal’s family, heads of corporations, religious institutions, and hospitals. One of her more recent projects involved creating 20 decorative works of art for the Ace Hotel, New Orleans.

Camille loves spending time with her husband and three grown children (all of whom are very creative). Her hobbies are travelling, photography, reading, volunteer work, and spending time in nature.

Her artistic goals are to excel by communicating expression and beauty with paint on canvas. She says I am unconditionally committed to developing whatever talents I have so that I can create art that reflects high standards and thus sharing the qualities of beauty with others. I can relate to Bouguereau when he said. My work is not only a pleasure, it has become a necessity. No matter how many other things I have in my life.
Camille Barnes
Sep 9, 2021

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