Barry John Raybould, juicy brushstrokes, travels in Tibet


In the Drepung Monastery in Tibet each summer, thousands of Tibetans from all over the country come together for a religious meeting and to get together as families and friends. The mountain is full of people picnicking and enjoying the day. All generations are present. This old lady represents the traditions of Tibet, beautifully dressed in her traditional costume. The young boy also wears traditional designs, but the baseball cap portends a new future. What will that future be?

I composed this painting “Zoucheng Girl” in Zoucheng Village which is near Dali in Yunnan, China, a village famous as the ‘Hometown of the Bai People’s Tie-dyeing Art’. Tie-dyeing is an art that originated from the central plains area in ancient China over 1,000 years ago. I was teaching a workshop there, and this little girl was so fascinated by what we were doing that she went home, got her paints, and joined us!

Woman in red skirt.
Barry John Raybould
Sept 30, 2015

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