Paula O'Brien Port4

Steven Hudson

Steven Hudson USA Website: Instagram: stevenhudsonartist Art Medium: painting, drawing Things are becoming different now; the climate is changing. More genies are being let out of more and more plastic bottles. Evolution is unfolding in shocking ways as life is made to adapt to our aggressive agency. This process is often reflected in unsettling …

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Arye Shapiro

Arye Shapiro Austin, TX, USA Website: Instagram: arye.shapiro Art Medium: painting, drawing, portraits, sculpture I draw, paint, and sculpt from life. I draw in pencil and charcoal, paint in oil, and sculpt in clay. Some of my sculptures have been cast in bronze. About the Artist Arye Shapiro has been producing figurative art since …

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Alessandra Spigai

Alessandra Spigai Trieste, Italy Website: Art Medium: painting, sculpture, mixed media

Gretel Boose

Gretel Boose Ontario, Canada . Website: Art Medium: portraits, sculpture, ceramic, mixed media    

Chantal Handley

Chantal Handley . Website: Art Medium: portraits, painting Technique: Pastel artist  

Autumn Skye Morrison

Autumn Skye Morrison Powell River, BC Canada Website: Art Medium: painting Technique: Painter, visionary fantastic realism, mixed-media and acrylic

Bernard Fischer

Bernard Fischer Maryland, USA . Website: Art Medium: painting  

Fred Hatt

Fred Hatt Brooklyn, NY USA Website: Art Medium: drawing