Arye Shapiro, sculpting & painting from life

I draw, paint, and sculpt from life. I draw in pencil and charcoal, paint in oil, and sculpt in clay. Some of my sculptures have been cast in bronze.

About the Artist

Arye Shapiro has been producing figurative art since 1998. He creates figure sculptures. drawings, and oil paintings primarily from life, as well as designing abstract art. His respect for people and his familiarity with European art endow his work with individual beauty, subtle grace, and quiet sensuality. Arye (pronounced “ar-ee-ay”) hones his skills with figure drawing and artistic anatomy studies. He creates sculpture in clay and bronze to model the physical structure of real people. Then, colors called him and he expanded his oeuvre to include painting from life.

“My figurative art is a vehicle for expressing human emotions and spirituality as well as physical attributes.”

For about two decades, Arye coordinated weekly life drawing, painting, and sculpture sessions in Austin, Texas. He has completed his 28th commission. His work for private clients includes life-sized bronze busts of union leaders, a sculpture of a nude couple, a processional crucifix, an exterior tile mosaic for a friary, a painting of a beach in Hawaii, a relief sculpture for a bathroom, and an outdoor wire sculpture of three dancers.

The Process

Arye schedules male and female models for weekly three-hour sessions and often works on the same pose for one to two months. Arye makes a special effort to ensure the model’s comfort during these sessions. He often asks the models to pose with an item of personal significance.

Sometimes Arye will also photograph a subject from several angles. He will then use a combination of live modeling sessions and photographs to create the sculpture.

Arye Shapiro
July 30, 2022

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