Ann-Marie Brown, lush oil and encaustic paintings

Ann-Marie Brown is a Canadian artist painting in encaustic and oil. She is currently working out of a studio on the west coast between the forest and the ocean. Her paintings have been exhibited across North America and are included in public, private and corporate collections internationally.

Ann-Marie Brown’s lush oil and encaustic paintings are an invitation to linger. If you accept the invitation, the painting indeed becomes a presence that emerges from the canvas. Brown creates an experience for the viewer: the painting reads you, opens something inside you like haiku. – – Bronwyn Melville (Winter Edition 2022 of Encaustic Arts Magazine : Museum of Encaustic Art Santa Fe).

The paintings are created slowly, with layers building up over time. There’s buried treasure in there — they’re meant to be sat with and allowed to unfold over time. I find it satisfying when someone who has lived with one of my paintings for years gets in touch to say that they’ve recently found something new about it.

“She paints from the eyes of compassionate experience, witnessing life in its raw infallible beauty” – Joanna McKenzie Enga curator Gibsons Public Art Gallery.

“Brown’s art is like that: the longer you look, the less certain you are of what you see”–Joseph Rosen-Blank Spaces magazine December 2018.

Ann-Marie Brown
Jan 6, 2023

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