Andrew Brady, portraits in Oxford

Andrew Brady from Oxford, England. ‘Access to Justice’ is currently exhibiting in London at the moment and has won a ‘peoples choice’ award.

Born in England in 1971, Andrew has always been fascinated with art. From an early age, Andrew was always drawing and it was rare to see him without a pencil in his hand.

In later years, Andrew studied for a degree in Fine Art. The course specialised in digital media, but again and again Andrew would return to painting as his source of inspiration and expression. Andrew has worked in many different fields, including immunopharmacology, printing and electronics. He has also performed as a singer and musician, is keenly interested in physics and cosmology and occasionally works in design and video editing – but painting has always been and continues to be his singular, overriding passion.

Andrew’s work is influenced by many great artists from Bouguereau and Godward to Waterhouse and Leighton, but is still open to more contemporary techniques and ideas – including in his list of favourite artists such people as Chuck Close and Gottfried Helnwein.

About his work, Andrew says, ‘ Painting is an intellectual pursuit. Painting requires prior learning. Painting is rigorous and of a technical nature, but a painting should not necessarily lay the burden of these demands upon its audience. I strive constantly to paint in a manner which fulfills these criteria – to create work which communicates those things which I cannot say with words, to communicate them clearly and, hopefully, to do so through the language of beauty.’

Andrew Brady
Oct 8, 2014

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