Alicia Campos Masso


Facebook: @aliciacamposmasso2021

Art Medium: contemporary figure painting

The Flower Maker 24"x24" Acrylics on canvas

Splashes of Freedom 34"x48" Acrylics on canvas

The Thread of Life 24"x48" Oils on canvas

Shame 12"x24" Acrylics on canvas

Silent Communication 36"x36" Acrylics on canvas

The Elusive Dreamer 24"x48" Acrylics on canvas

The Black Hole 24"x48" Acrylics on canvas

Typewriting Nostalgia 36"x36" Acrylics on canvas

Artist Statement

"What is the essence of Art for you?

For me, it is telling a story without words. My paintings will tell 'you' stories using symbolic sceneries. The vision of women and children going through different life experiences and stages through symbols tells 'you' that story through Narrative Art.

Volunteer models are being portraited in my paintings as the characters of the story. While studying, volunteering, and practicing psychology, I explore experiences from victims and heroes who interlace their lives as one-the untold stories of ordinary people where redemption is found through spirituality.

My paintings are spiritual journeys into the inner worlds of my characters, through which themes of suffering, surviving, love, and the meaning of life are explored. On one hand, there is an influence of surrealist artists such as Lenora Carrington and Remedios Varo, the undercover hysteria studies of Freud, some Greek mythology and a little bit of contemporary psychology.

On the other, I see myself under the influence of Japanese Art. As a self-taught painter, I employ an unconventional painting technique that greatly contributes to the lyrical quality of my unfold narratives. Soft pastel colors, sometimes acrylics or oils or both combined, are applied as very thin layers on the canvas, where "you" may sometimes see-through, and find imperfections purposely, as made by traditional Japanese Art to differentiate one of a kind hand made art from digital and/or industrial production printed canvas.

At the end of the day, I find Painting close to Poetry and consequently I am more focused on capturing the essence of a character living through the portraited persona in her/his narrative, always on a minimalist background. 'You' may find 'yourself' trapped in it."


Is an international narrative artist, psychologist, art therapist, teaching artist, and social entrepreneur, dedicated 100% to her art and teaching.

Shows her artwork in solo and group Art exhibitions in Spain, France, Mexico, Japan, and the USA among other countries.

Has clients and private Art collectors all around the world.

Founded Happy Industries Art Studio, with his son Lazaro Vazquez, in 2011 in New York, inspired on the one hand, by his son's artistic talents and art approaches, and on the other, by the growing demand for her artwork.

Graduated with a BS in Psychology in Mexico D.F. and specialized in Art Therapy from Endicott College. The main field of study: Trauma in childhood.

Continued studying psychology, trauma, suicidal behaviors, art for healing, and entrepreneurship at Harvard.

Graduated with a Master in Educational Technologies at Harvard, with the thesis: Art in a Hispanic Community for Social Awareness in the Age of Technology.

Has taught grammar, Art, literature, business, and human rights in Spanish at Harvard, UPenn and NYU, among other universities.

Is an author/illustrator of bilingual Spanish/English children's books. When Clotilde Dreams..., Lazaro and the Crocodile, Noah in the neighborhood and Walking through the Moon's Forest.

Promotes women entrepreneurship, offers art workshops and participates in art and business related seminars as well as community oriented projects.

Promotes Art and fine artists of all ages. Organizes Art shows yearly, among those: Florida in Art.

Has private Art for Healing and Art as Therapy sessions.

Is a trained volunteer child advocate Guardian Ad Litem at Hillsborough County, Florida. U.S.A.

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