Valérie Melançon

Valerie Melancon


Art Medium: painting
Technique: Oil on Linen

Artist Biography

Valérie Melançon is one of today’s premier storytellers, weaving the fabric of prose through images forged from her mind’s eye. Much like scenes from a movie, Valérie takes on the roles of writer, director, and cinematographer to translate stories from her internal worlds via oil paint and canvas. It is these internal worlds that Valerie shares with her viewers.

From very early in life, Valérie began communicating through visual art. Beginning with pencil drawings at the age of 6, Valérie devoted her free time to creating exquisite works in pencil throughout high school and college. These drawings revealed a rich inner world that was hers alone until the finished work was complete and available for others to explore and enjoy.

While she dabbled in other media over the years, pencil remained her preferred media for many years. In 2006, Valérie first picked up the brush and fell in love with oil painting. This year marked a major turning point in her life as an artist. The imagery she created and explored through pencil drawings was suddenly re-imagined and given a new depth through oil paints.

Since her transition to professional artist in July 2007, Valérie has never looked back. She is driven by an insatiable desire to create and continuously challenge herself to grow both technically and spiritually as an artist. The core focus of her painting career has been the human figure, and that focus persists today. While her early work was highly influenced by classical scenes, her newer paintings include elements of the abstract and surreal combined with classical. This unique combination works to capture the imagination of the viewer and transport them into the story. With a single scene, Valérie’s imagery creates a vivid world for the viewer and invites them to delve into the possibility of the works.

Inspired by architecture, classical artists, fashion, and nature, Valérie shares her work with the world in the hopes that the cycle of inspiration will continue on to you.

Stephen Melancon

Artist Statement

Storytellers, more commonly described today as artists, are translators for the human experience. Each artist has their favorite platform for dialogue. Whether that platform is physical, written, auditory, or visual, an artist’s story speaks to us; hopefully, these stories inspire us. When thinking of a favorite movie, certain scenes or frames are instantly recalled. Specific characters or actions are vividly brought to mind. This kind of vivid imagery is what I seek to capture in my paintings. The almost unceasing compulsion to paint these worlds I envision comes from somewhere I can’t exactly pinpoint. But I know early in life, rendering images from these internal worlds became my platform for communicating to a highly censored external world.

Similar to a movie scene, through painting I function as the writer, director, and cinematographer working to capture these internal worlds. I make every creative choice related to composition, lighting, sense of motion, color, and depth-of-field. My biggest challenge is that I must convey these images in the limited environment of oil paints and stretched canvas. Despite these limitations, with the right combination of creativity, technical ability, attention to detail, and a touch of good fortune, I just may create something visually inspiring.

Inspiration is the force behind all of this. I love being in a world where I can experience the beauty of nature interlaced with the products of human imagination. I love people who are inspired and I believe the majority of inspiration comes from the work of other inspired people. We are all connected and it is this connectivity through which inspiration flows. I can watch a runway show set in a Parisian opera house where the fashion designer bases her collection on the inspiration she received from viewing an eighteenth century painting. Working from this inspiration, she chooses to exhibit her art in a building filled with frescoes, sculpture, woodwork, and mosaic work, all created to inspire music lovers as they arrive for performances. Experiencing this scene from a story told by a fashion designer—the beauty of the models, the costume, the music, the environment—inspires me to create a painting. Creativity begets creativity.

I believe that creativity is essential to fuel the human spirit. For whatever reason, the sheer necessity to create is within me and I am going to create regardless if I keep my stories locked away or if I share them with the world. In an effort to keep the human energy circuit going, I offer up my art to the world in hopes of repaying the inspiration.

Valérie Melançon


Yellow Brick Road
Oil on Linen
Canvas Size: 36″ x 32″
Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Canvas #: VSM000114

Valerie-Melancon-Persistence-of-Spring, figurative painting winter scene

The Persistence of Spring (above)
Oil on Linen
Canvas Size: 32″ x 32″
Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Canvas #: VSM000090

Valerie-Melancon-Summer-Wind, figurative painting girl and horse in forest

The Summer Wind (above)
Oil on Linen
Canvas Size: 28″ x 28″
Framed Size: 32″ x 32″
Canvas #: VSM000101

Valerie-Melancon-Loveliness, figurative painting Emma Jane Austen

She is Loveliness Itself (Jane Austin’s Emma, above)
Oil on Linen
Canvas Size: 36″ x 28″
Framed Size: 43" x 35"
Canvas #: VSM000100

Valerie-Melancon-Old-Friends, figurative painting woman, horse and hounds

Amid Old Friends, Tried and True (above)
Oil on Linen
Canvas Size: 30″ x 24″
Framed Size: 37″ x 31″
Canvas #: VSM000091


The Poet (above)
Oil on Linen
Canvas Size: 24″ x 36″
Framed Size: 30″ x 42″
Canvas #: VSM000079

Valerie-Melancon-Gleams-Sunshine, figurative painting woman in forest

Little Gleams of Sunshine
Oil on Linen
Canvas Size: 24″ x 20″
Framed Size: 32″ x 8″
Canvas #: VSM000076

Valerie-Melancon-Silk-lingerie, woman white silk lingerie white couch

The Feel of Silk
Oil on Linen
Canvas Size: 28″ x 36″
Canvas #: VSM000073