Terry Strickland tips on photographing art

Terry Strickland

Photographing oil paintings has always been tricky and I’ve struggled for years to get satisfying results. Problems in the past included uneven lighting, fuzzy details, and glare. This new set up gives the best images I’ve ever had so I thought I’d share.

I have four light stands each with a 33″ white translucent umbrella, “premium” light sockets with 65 Watt 5000K UL listed florescent light bulbs. These are “continuous light” not “strobes”. It’s important that all the bulbs are the same so they all have the same color. Most of my equipment came from CowboyStudio.com. It costs about $100 for two stands, light sockets, bulbs and umbrellas. To photograph smaller paintings two lights may be sufficient…. Read the whole article.
Terry Strickland
Aug 22, 2010

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