Stanka Kordic paintings

Stanka Kordic

In my lifetime, I have noticed a growing distance between humans and the natural world. Working with the figure in a landscape has been my means of expressing the importance of reaching out to this world again and to cultivate a feeling of contemplation within our hectic lives. I choose to work with women and children. They represent innocence, the creative force, and strength within a framework of vulnerability.

I prefer to paint in layers, creating the foundation slowly and building upon what came before. This most fully expresses my intuitive response to the subject, as well as the paint. Taking the time to listen and observe is crucial to cultivating the wisdom to know how to proceed.

All connections intrigue me. Whether it be the landscape to the figure, light with color, painter with brush. There is no separation in a world that breathes.

Stanka Kordic
Sep 12, 2010

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