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Wishing I had more time to look at ALL the wonderful artists you have included and drop them words of admiration. I will certainly be in good company, and hope you will continue to keep your bar high!

Cheers from gloomy California,

A L I C E  S I M P S O N
C L A Y and B O O K S


Thanks for putting me on your figurative artists site, it looks great! I will send you more info when I have time, your links work just fine, and I am from California, USA.

Candice Bohannon

Gianni Guiliano

Hi Paula,
Just checked it out…all works well, thanks!

Mexico, nice! Today was snowing in Montreal… quite the opposite of Mexico weather I am sure.

Have a great holiday season too!

Gianni Giuliano

Jennifer Anderson

Hi Paula
Thanks for that. I’m delighted to be included in your site and must congratulate you again on putting together such a fascinating and in depth resource for artists and enthusiasts! This is going to be a very low key festive for me this year as I will be eight and a half months pregnant on Christmas day – thank goodness for internet shopping!
Hope you have a good one.
All the best.
Jennifer Anderson

Susan Williams

Hi Paula, thanks so much for uploading my site. I’m very pleased and the links work perfectly.
Have a good festive thingy.
Best wishes, Sue.
Susan Williams

Susan Hall

Hi Paula,
The link works fine, and I’ve already seen an increase in traffic to my website–thanks so much! I’ve put a link to the fig. site on my website too. I’ll keep you updated on my news, and I’m in Chicago, by the way. Let me know if you ever come this way, we can meet up for coffee.

Thanks again and have a happy holiday season,
Susan Hall

Catherine Prescott

Paula, this looks great. Thank you! The more I look at your site the more interesting it is to me, and also, the more friends I see that are on it! I really appreciate your adding me to the mix.
Catherine Prescott
Dec 11, 2010

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