Peter Broitman, whimsical & political figurative art


Peter is an emerging artist. He began painting in 2012 after a thirty-one year career working as an attorney for the US Department of Labor prosecuting employers for labor law violations. Peter is a figurative painter. He paints with bold colors on large canvases. His subject matter is often whimsical, and several of his paintings include both historical as well as political references.


Peter studied figurative sculpture and art history at The University of Hartford’s Hartford Art School, Connecticut; and studied drawing and art history at SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, New York. At Stony Brook, Peter studied figurative sculpture under the sculptor George Koras, who had been an assistant to the sculptor Jacques Lipchitz.

Most recently, Peter studied figurative sculpture and painting at the Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, under, respectively, the sculptor Sergio Ceron and the painter Bob Horn.

Peter is the son of Carl Broitman, a figurative and abstract painter, who studied art at Cooper Union and Pratt Institute in New York City in the late 1930s.


In June 2015, Peter had a solo exhibition at The Chicago Center for Mindful Therapy. Another solo exhibition at the same location is scheduled for later this year.
Peter Broitman
May 11, 2016

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